Due to our concerns for COVID 19, the church is partially open if you would like to attend Sunday morning service.

Sunday School, Midweek Services, and Bible Study are not available in person at this time.

Please join us on Facebook Live and Livestream for Bible Study.  Stay safe and be blessed!

You can still “go to church” on-line. Click here to see our Sunday Morning services streaming live on-line at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday.

Our Faith and Belief

Here at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, our faith is firmly rooted in the Holy scriptures and our steadfast belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our church family is centered in this belief.

Streaming video and videos of recent services

We now offer streaming video of our Sunday morning services and archive videos of recent Sunday morning services. Click here for Sunday morning streaming video or archive videos of recent services.

Our services

We have streamlined our service so the focus of your time at church is on worship and hearing the Word of God. Our service facilitates a personal connection with God without making you stay at church all day.

We open each service with high praise

Our services start and end on time, normally in the hour to hour and 15 minute range. Making your decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior does not require you to stand before the church and make a speech

Visit us

You will find a welcoming, warm congregation that loves to see new faces joining our worship services and study sessions:

Pleasant Grove Ministries: The way we serve

Christian service at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church is organized into 23 ministries which address special needs of the church, its members, and the community.

Each ministry is headed by a minister selected for appropriate skills and talents to do the Lord’s work and not by church connections. Our ministries can be characterized as Christian people working where they work best.

To learn more about our ministries, see our ministries page.

Also, see our pastor’s page.


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